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Ratatek Oy

Electric railway contracting services with proven skill and high quality

Ratatek is a railway contraction company founded in 2008. Our main field is designing, installation and maintenance of high voltage electrical systems on railways.

We can make either total projects from start to finish or small subcontracting for other companies.

We are primarily working in Finland and Sweden. Our staff has long experience from both countries regarding contact wire works. We have been working on railroad contact wire systems as well as light rail systems.

We have delivered 80 km new catenary system between Seinäjoki – Vasa and 53 km between Jyväskylä – Äänekoski as turnkey projects. In Stockholm area, we have built the contact line at project Tvärbanan, the light rail line has been extended from Alvik to Solna and from Sickla Udde to Henriksdal. At Saltsjöbanan we have built new overhead contact line between Henriksdal – Saltsjöbaden / Solsidan (about 20 km).

We offer turn-key deliveries and sub-contract services of various railway electrification projects

Our staff has an robust and solid work experiences in delivering and assembling railway electrifications projects. Our products and services cover:

  • Innstallation, design and maintenance of catenary systems, power supply systems
  • Assembly of outdoor and track-side equipment for signalling systems
  • Area lighting systems
  • Point heating solutions
  • Refurbishing, dismantling and removal works
  • Electrical safety assertion services on track possessions and other on-track work sites (disconnecting, earthing, supervising a.s.o.)

In Ratateks experience includes also a broad knowledge of tramway electrification. Ratatek has been working with light rail projects in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsinki and Tallinn. The assignments have included both design works and assembly.