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Ratatek -12 years of railway electrification

Ratatek turned 12 in early May (2020). During these years, we have built a credible organization in two countries and equipped them with appropriate equipment. We also underwent a kind of generational change seven years ago, when some of our founders began to enjoy earned retirement days. Right now, we are on a stronger base than ever before and feel that we are an important player in our industry.

Involved in major railway projects

We are currently involved in major rail projects.

The most important are below:

  • Ramlösa – Lund, Feeder line (Sweden)
  • Roslagsbanan’s expansion (Sweden)
  • LUIMA project (Luumäki – Imatra)
  • KoKoHa project (Kouvola – Kotka – Hamina)
  • HELRA Project (Helsinki Railway Yard)
  • Ylivieska – Iisalmi projects

We are convinced that, with our experience together with our partners, we can bring a certain culture of creating and agreeing within projects.

In Sweden, we have established good relationships with our long-term partners. Today we work as an overhead contact line contractor at six different projects completed by the Swedish Transport Administration and the City of Stockholm SL.

Competent personal

The size of our organization has been growing steadily over the last 12 years and now we are already employing 50 people.

Our experts carry out tram assignments for HKL (Helsinki tramways) and many major design agencies. We are also a contract partner considering railway design for the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency.

In Sweden, we have mainly been active as subcontractor together with our partners, and performed, for example, the following projects:   Stockholm Norvik Hamn, Execution contract Double track function on the freight route through Hallsberg, Vallentuna-Lindholmen BEST, Cross-line extension towards Sickla, Renovation Saltsjöbanan, Entreprenad SB7: Overhead contact line, part 1 + 2 Henriksdal – Saltsjöbaden / Solsidan (Main contractor).

In Finland, we have carried out, for example, following turnkey projects; Seinäjoki-Vaasa, Kokkola – Ykspihlaja, Lapua – Ruha, Kemijärvi – Patokangas, Jyväskylä – Äänekoski and Pori – Mäntyluoto.

All this is made possible by our highly experienced and knowledgeable staff. Most of our employees have been on our journey to this day.